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The news may be full of tales abouthackersand other malicious peoplewith nothing better to do than lurk around the Internet and trash the peace-loving systems of good folks like us, but in reality hackers are only one ofmany serious network threats. You will learn how to protect your networksfrom hackers, but first I want you to appreciate that the average networkfaces plenty more threats from the folks who are authorized to use it thanthose who are not authorized. Users with good intentions are far more likelyto cause you trouble than any hacker. Additionally, don’t think all networkthreats are people. Let’s not forget natural disasters like floods and hurri-canes. Even third parties can unintentionally wreak havoc—what will youdo if your building suddenly lacks electricity? So anetwork threatcan be anynumber of things that share one essential feature: the potential to damagenetwork data, machines, or users. The first order of business, therefore, is tostop and think about the types of threats that face the average network. Aswe define the threats, we can discuss the many tools and methods used toprotect our precious networks from intentional harm.Test Specific■Common ThreatsThe threats to your network are real and widespread. Here’s a list of some ofthe more common potential threats to your network. The sections that fol-low give details on those threats and explain how to deal with them.■System crashes and other hardware failures■Administrative access control weaknesses■Malware, such as viruses and worms■Social engineering■Denial of Service attacks■Physical intrusion■Rogue access pointsSystem Crash/Hardware FailureLike any technology, computers can and will fail—usually when you canleast afford for it to happen. Hard drives crash, servers lock up, the powerfails—it’s all part of the joy of working in the networking business. We needto create redundancy in areas prone to failure (like installing backup powerin case of electrical failure) and performing those all-important data back-ups. Beyond that, the idea is to deploy redundant hardware to providefaulttolerance. Take advantage of technologies like RAID (Redundant Array ofInexpensive Disks) to spread data across multiple drives. Buy a server casewith multiple power supplies or add a second NIC.

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