Astro 001 Unit 4 Essay

ASTRO 001 – Penn State World CampusPoints Awarded80.00Points Missed20.00Percentage80.0%1.Which of the following is the correct expression of Newton's second law?A) Mass = Force x AccelerationB) Acceleration = Force x MassC) Force = Mass / AccelerationD) Force = Acceleration / MassE) Force = Mass x AccelerationTable for Individual Question FeedbackPoints Earned:2.0/2.0Correct Answer(s):E2.What time of year is it dark all day (and night) at the South pole?Table for Individual Question FeedbackPoints Earned:2.0/2.0Correct Answer(s):B3.Jupiter emits radio waves and also visible light (reflected Sunlight). At Earth, we observe:A) nothing, the optical light and radio waves from Jupiter are both blocked by the atmosphere.B) the optical light carries less energy than the radio waves.C) the optical light has a longer wavelength than the radio waves.D) the optical light only, the radio waves do not make it to Earth's surface.E) the optical and the radio waves arrive at Earth simultaneously.Table for Individual Question FeedbackPoints Earned:2.0/2.0

Courtney Havlisch Dr. MatkovicAstro 1 Section 5VApril 29, 2016Through the exploration of the universe, Thomasin came into contact with many differentlife forms that have never been seen before on Earth. Each new form of life had their own point of view and many differing ideas about the universe. With every new question, there was a new answer. Thomasin said, “Discovering things. Like that Noahbare guy — there's always deeper you can look into a question, even when others have already formed their own conclusions.” These words sound a lot like someone who is interested in philosophy. According to Penn State, philosophy is the study of fundamental issues of knowledge, reality, and existence. Throughout Thomasin’s journey she exhibits an interest in philosophy and she was exposed to the idea of thismajor with every new life form she visited. When Thomasin came in contact with the Beauty Worshipers, she came in contact with the first new idea of what was most important to another life form. In other words, Thomansin


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