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Huge Collection of Informative Essay Topics for School and College Students.

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1. Informative Essay on Nasıl Yazılır

2. Informative Essay on Global Warming

3. Informative Essay on Oprah Winfrey

4. Informative Essay on Lil Wayne

5. Informative Essay on Volleyball

6. Informative Essay on Vegetarianism

7. Informative Essay on Domestic Violence

8. Informative Essay on Computer Viruses

9. Informative Essay on Using the Surprising-Reversal Strategy

10. Informative Essay on the Great Depression

11. Informative Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

12. Informative Essay on the Holocaust

13. Informative Essay on Texting and Driving

14. Informative Essay on Tattoos

15. Informative Essay on Tanning

16. Informative Essay on Tennis

17. Informative Essay on Titanic

18. Informative Essay on Smoking

19. Informative Essay on Soccer

20. Informative Essay on Stress

21. Informative Essay on Shakespeare

22. Informative Essay on Snowboarding

23. Informative Essay on Skateboarding

24. Informative Essay on Racism

25. Informative Essay on Photography

26. Informative Essay on Procrastination

27. Informative Essay on Pollution

28. Informative Essay on Prostitution

29. Informative Essay on Poverty

30. Informative Essay on Psychology

31. Informative Essay on Plastic Surgery

32. Informative Essay on Peer Pressure

33. Informative Essay on Obesity

34. Informative Essay on Organ Donation

35. Informative Essay on Childhood Obesity

36. Informative Essay on Nursing

37. Informative Essay on Nutrition

38. Informative Essay on Nike

39. Informative Essay on Michael Jordan

40. Informative Essay on Martin Luther King

41. Informative Essay on Michael Jackson

42. Informative Essay on Puppy Mills

43. Informative Essay on Lil Wayne

44. Informative Essay on Love

45. Informative Essay on Abraham Lincoln

46. Informative Essay on Serial Killers

47. Informative Essay on Kalıpları

48. Informative Essay on Konuları

49. Informative Essay on Steve Jobs

50. Informative Essay on Illegal Immigration

51. Informative Essay on Immigration

52. Informative Essay on Interior Design

53. Informative Essay on Iphone

54. Informative Essay on Italy

55. Informative Essay on Human Trafficking

56. Informative Essay on Halloween

57. Informative Essay on Hybrid Cars

58. Informative Essay on Homosexuality

59. Informative Essay on Health Care

60. Informative Essay on Hunting

61. Informative Essay on Holocaust

62. Informative Essay on Graphic Design

63. Informative Essay on Gun Control

64. Informative Essay on Gambling

65. Informative Essay on Gymnastics

66. Informative Essay on Golf

67. Informative Essay on Friendship

68. Informative Essay on Euthanasia

69. Informative Essay on Epilepsy

70. Informative Essay on Energy Drinks

71. Informative Essay on Eating Healthy

72. Informative Essay on Diabetes

73. Informative Essay on Drug Addiction

74. Informative Essay on Down Syndrome

75. Informative Essay on Drunk Driving

76. Informative Essay on Death Penalty

77. Informative Essay on Drugs

78. Informative Essay on Cancer

79. Informative Essay on Careers

80. Informative Essay on Cell Phones

81. Informative Essay on Coffee

82. Informative Essay on Childhood Obesity

83. Informative Essay on Cyber Bullying

84. Informative Essay on Culinary

85. Informative Essay on Caffeine

86. Informative Essay on Bullying

87. Informative Essay on Bipolar Disorder

88. Informative Essay on Breast Cancer

89. Informative Essay on Black Holes

90. Informative Essay on Bulimia

91. Informative Essay on Anorexia

92. Informative Essay on Autism

93. Informative Essay on Abortion

94. Informative Essay on Alzheimer’s

95. Informative Essay on Abraham Lincoln

96. Informative Essay on Alcoholism

Let’s cut to the chase. You have to write an informative essay. You pretty much know how  to write one, but you’ve been staring blankly out the window because you can’t think of anything to write about.

Am I right?

Regardless of whether you’ve been staring out the window or avoiding the task at hand by endlessly updating your Facebook page, you need to get writing…and fast.

Lucky for you, you’ve found your way to the right place. I have 21 informative essay topics to help get your essay started.

What Is an Informative Essay?

I’m sure you can figure out that when writing an informative essay you need to inform your audience about a topic. Of course, there’s more to it than that.

You need to give your readers enough information so they fully understand what you’re writing about.

You need to assume your readers don’t know much (if anything) about your topic. This is why you’re informing them. (Makes sense, right?)

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re into skateboarding, and you’re trying to tell a friend all about it. You can’t just start using terms like dropping in, heel-flips, and half-pipes.

You need to explain the lingo and provide enough information so your friend actually understands the words you’re using!

The same is true for an informative essay.

Readers should learn something by reading your essay, so your goal is to provide interesting and informative content in understandable terms (just like I’m doing here!)

How Do I Choose Good Informative Essay Topics?

A good informative essay topic is a topic that isn’t too broad (like the meaning of life) or too narrow (like the best place to take a nap on campus).

A good informative essay topic needs to be interesting to both you and your audience.

Remember, the history of the universe might be interesting to you, but not necessarily to your audience. In this case, it’s your job to make it interesting by engaging your audience.

One final note about choosing informative essay topics:check your assignment guidelines!

If you need to do some research about the topic (and maybe cite your sources in MLA or APA format), then you most certainly need to get researching.

Okay, now that you have the basics about how to choose an informative essay topic, let’s dig into some great ideas! Check out these 21 topics to get your paper started. For some topics, I’ve linked to example essays to help you even more.

21 Informative Essay Topics to Inform Your Next Essay

1. Caffeine addiction

Need a few cups of coffee or a Big Gulp to get through the day? If you’re a caffeine addict like me, think about how miserable you feel without your caffeine fix. Have you ever tried to quit and felt even worse? You might start your paper by informing readers why you live on caffeine and why you’re hooked. You might also include a discussion of how it has affected you or maybe even your struggles to break your addiction.

2. Domestic violence

Because this is such an important issue, make sure to provide readers with statistics and facts to help drive home the importance of helping prevent domestic violence and helping victims.

3. Poverty

You might narrow this broad topic to discuss poverty in your community or a specific region. Informing people of the effects of poverty can help educate and also help people understand how to solve the problem.

4. Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has grown in popularity in recent years, and many teens are even lining up for surgery. How young is too young to go under the knife? You might want to include a brief history of plastic surgery and why it has become so popular.

5. Stress

I’m guessing that, like procrastination, this is a word than most students can relate to. Especially if your audience is made of fellow students, an essay explaining how to beat stress will be both informative and useful.

6. Procrastination

This is something most students can relate to. If you decide to inform readers about procrastination, you might try a more unconventional approach and tell your audience how procrastination can actually work to your advantage.

7. Winning the lottery

Most of us have had dreams of hitting it big, and we have a long list of ideas of how we’d spend that much money. (A new BMW is at the top of my list.) But have you ever watched those TV shows that explain how winning the lottery actually ruined someone’s life? An informative essay about winning the lottery could easily explain both the positive and negative outcomes of winning such a large sum of money.

8. Prostitution

This type of essay might focus on a historical discussion. After all, prostitution  is often called the world’s oldest profession.You might also approach the topic with a discussion of the dangers of prostitution or even why it should be legalized.

9. Anorexia/Bulimia

Informing readers of possible causes and/or solutions to either problem is a good place to start. You might also consider focusing on various ways to treat either disorder.

10. Illegal immigration

While illegal immigration easily lends itself to a historical discussion, keep in mind that immigration is also a current topic  with plenty of arguments surrounding immigrants and their status within the U.S.

11. Racism

Although racism can be a touchy subject, it’s important to educate your readers about both the causes and effects (and of course solutions). Because it’s such a big topic, you’ll want to narrow your paper down to a specific angle. For example, racism in the U.S. justice system or racism in schools.

12. Tattoos

For years, adults hated tattoos and rebellious teens and young adults loved them. The tide has shifted, though, and seemingly everyone has a tattoo now. What has caused this societal shift? Why are tattoos now mainstream?

13. Tanning

The tanning industry argues that tanning beds are safe, yet doctors report that the beds are a clear link to skin cancer. Examining both sides of the issue can help your readers form their own opinions.

14. Teen Pregnancy

Some point to a lack of parental supervision as the reason behind  high teen pregnancy rates. Others point to media and social pressures. Still others think TV shows, such as “Teen Mom” are actually decreasing rates of teen pregnancy. Your essay might include the reasons for teen pregnancy and discuss the current rates of teen pregnancy and possible solutions.

15. Violence on college campuses

This topic lends itself to a discussion of current violent attacks on campus and the debate on whether or not people should be allowed to openly carry firearms on campus.

16. Homelessness

Because this is such a broad topic, you might try focusing your paper on your local community and community resources. Write about why the problem of homeless exists in your community and possible solutions.

17. Childhood obesity

People point to many causes for childhood obesity, including fast-food, video games, and a lack of physical education in schools. You might focus your paper on one of these causes, or you might try to address aspects of several arguments (if you have enough time and space).

18. Prison overcrowding

Many argue that legalizing drugs is the simplest solution to overcrowding in prisons. Others argue for decreased mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenses.You may also want to examine the effects of prison overcrowding on staff and inmates.

19. Music censorship

Do you love it when your favorite song comes on the radio but are ready to scream when the station plays the edited version? Should music be censored, or does censorship violate freedom of speech?

20. Cyber-security

Ever try to use your debit card only to find out your account is locked because of “suspicious activity”? If so, then you certainly have a personal connection to  cyber-security. Of course, your paper might also include a discussion of widespread security breaches, such as those at Target or Lowes.

21. College textbook costs

Do I need to even mention how ridiculously expensive textbooks are today? Explaining how to save money by using open-source texts and online textbook rental websites would make for a very informative essay.

Putting It All Together

Like a mad scientist who throws a dash of this and a pinch of that together to create some evil concoction, now’s that you’ve chosen your topic from these informative essay topics, it’s time to throw in the other ingredients to create your genius essay.

Add a dash of introduction, a clear thesis statement, a few good hook sentences, a healthy portion of information about your topic, and a pinch of conclusion, and you’ve got a recipe for a killer informative essay!

Don’t forget to have a Kibin editor review your final paper to make sure it’s on the right track.

Good luck!

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