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Are you struggling to keep up in your chemistry class? Are you trying to keep straight all those elements, compounds, and compositions? Well relax - help is out there. You've probably spent hours trying to hack it yourself, and now it’s time to check for a proper online chemistry tutor who will assist you in improving your chemistry homework problems and grades.

This article is designed to gather some of the online chemistry tutoring services into one place so that struggling students can quickly look them up for help. There are opportunities for free online chemistry tutoring as well as reasonably priced options. Here you will find some sites which can help you to solve problems, as well as summaries and evaluations of their services to make the selection process quick and easy. It should be noted that these online chemistry tutors or services are designed not to help students earn credits towards the completion of chemistry courses, but rather, to give expert assistance to students who are currently participating or plan to participate in a chemistry course. Free online chemistry tutoring and affordable online chemistry tutoring are convenient ways to get the help you need in a way that fits your schedule and supplements your individual studies. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you will be prepared to confidently and effectively tackle your chemistry studies.


Free Online Chemistry Tutor: ThinkRequest

Reason for recommendation: Help you get through your chemistry homework for free

ThinkRequest provides the experience of a free online chemistry tutor through help with chemistry homework, including examples of types of chemical reactions, laboratory tests, chemistry calculators, and lab safety information. One unique feature of this site is a good selection of links to other sites that provide a wide array of reliable information of all sorts of issues related to chemistry. Once again, the information on this site deals mostly with generic foundational issues in chemistry, but it pulls together some helpful information in a manner that is easily navigated. And best of all – it’s all free!


Online Chemistry Tutor: Acadsoc

Reason for recommendation:Chemistry help from middle school to university level .


Acadsoc is probably the best choice for students struggling in chemistry at school: the level of its chemistry tutorials ranges from middle school to undergraduate; the tutor body comprises a diversity of young and dynamic graduate tutors majored in Chemistry in university and professional tutors with advanced degrees in chemistry and rich experience in helping students out. Chemistry tutorials here cover the curriculum of USA, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, etc. Whatever year you're in, you can find courses on general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytic chemistry, quantum chemistry, physical chemistry and stoichiometry on Acadsoc. Some students may have known enough facts and methods, but simply fail to form a systematic way of combining what they've learnt. Acadsoc chemistry tutors will lead students to discover the steps needed to solve a problem. Acadsoc offers a free trial lesson for each user upon registration, and its "Best Offer" function allows students to bargain with tutors over the hourly price.

Online Chemistry Tutor: TutorVista


Reason for recommendation:Instant online chemistry help with live chat option

TutorVista may be the place you should stop to get chemistry help. This site offers services that cover chemistry basics, laying out basic chemistry principles and showing samples of practice problems. You can get help by choosing different topics, including general, analytic, nuclear, physical, environmental, inorganic, and organic chemistry. There is a live chat option that allows you to chat with a chemistry tutor about your unique needs. The services and information on this site will probably not be sufficient if you need help with specific homework problems, but it offers plenty of basic useful information.


Online Chemistry Tutor: InstaEdu


Reason for recommendation:Professional tutors available with live chat

InstaEdu offers a high degree of customization in searching for tutors who will be right for your needs. It allows you to do advanced searches to find a tutor who specializes in the area you need. If you are looking for an organic chemistry tutor online, just type into the search engine and check out your options. You can also write a note describing your tutoring needs. A list of tutors will then be provided for you to choose from.


Online Chemistry Tutor: TutorUniverse


Recommendation reason:Cheap hourly rates for expert chemistry tutors

TutorUniverse has a number of qualified chemistry tutors working for them. And their services are available 24/7 to help you master chemistry courses. You can check out profiles for individual chemistry tutors, including their teaching subjects, personal degrees, and most importantly, the hourly paying rates. The site also features a state-of-art Virtual Study Room which enhances the online learning experience. There is no free trial on this site, but a 100% refund is available if you are not satisfied with you first lesson. You have to sign up for an account to access these services. The online chat option provides an additional measure of convenience.


Online Chemistry Tutor: LivePerson


Recommendation reason:Detailed tutor reviews and instant online help paid by minutes

If you are looking to keep your costs down but still need personalized help of a tutor with chemistry expertise, then you may want to check out this site. Each tutor has a profile which gives detailed information about their qualifications and areas of concentration. You can get help with subjects from physical to organic chemistry from these tutors online via web chat, email, or even phone conversations. This service will be especially helpful if you have very specific questions or problems to discuss with a tutor. However, a long study session might get pricey.

Online Chemistry Tutor: Eduwizards


Recommendation reason:Comprehensive chemistry tutoring

Eduwizards provides chemistry tutoring for all levels from high school through college. Help for subjects like SAT and GRE chemistry questions, general, biochemistry, analytic, and organic chemistry with tutors online at affordable hourly rates is available. Alternatively, it offers a tutoring package which allows a student to receive unlimited tutoring at a monthly rate. Tutoring appointments can be received on demand or scheduled at daily or weekly intervals.


Of course, online chemistry tutoring cannot substitute for personal study and keeping up with class assignments. However, what these tutorial options can do for a struggling student is to remove some of the frustrations that come with trying to tackle a difficult subject in isolation. This kind of assistance will help to make your study and test preparation more efficient. Hopefully this sampling of online tutorial services will serve to get you oriented to the available options so that you can start getting the help you need.

If you have a little more time, you can turn to free OpenCourceWare options—there are some online courses offered by institutions like MIT which could be of significant help. These might not provide the immediate and specialized help that many students need, but they are excellent resources that have much long-term benefit.

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You can also Email your chemistry problems to or call toll free 866-930-6363 for FREE* chemistry assistance.

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Free* Chemistry Homework Help

When you are searching for experts to assist you in your chemistry project, you can consider approaching our tutors. Chemistry assignments are likely to be complicated in nature and these may often pose a greater challenge than you can think. In times like these, you should contact our tutors for professional free* Chemistry homework help. All you need to do is send us your problems through mails and we guarantee we can offer you the finest professional help for them, no matter how confusing they may be. Problems in the subject can range from Basic Chemistry topics to Advanced Chemistry topics.

Our chemistry experts hold the highest degrees and professional qualifications in the discipline. They have had several years of experience in offering tuitions in this subject and are fully equipped to offer you elaborate and flawless solutions to your assignment problems. Our tutors pride themselves in offering free* Chemistry homework help to millions across the globe for reasonable fees.

Regardless of the topic you need assistance in, you can send all your queries to us and mention the deadline or the date by which you need to submit your assignments. In doing so, you should also send over any other resources that may help our tutors solve your problems better. You need to inform them about your preferences and custom requirements so that they can serve you better. So information about the assignment topics in advance is important for tutors to give you free* chemistry homework help.

To ensure that our clients are committed to us and to offer the highest levels of professional assistance, we have a policy of working on your paid problems only when your payments come through. This policy guarantees that those clients who have made their payments are given homework assistance without delay. They are certain to receive their solutions on time once payments have been made.


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